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Evalueringsrådgivningstjenester 2020/S 048-113949

Kort beskrivelse

The objectives of the evaluation are threefold, covering both accountability and learning purposes:

— to document achievements in terms of assisting developing countries to mitigate climate change through the provision of Danish support in the period from 2013, both through the climate change envelope and through other development assistance channels,

— to analyse the outcomes of climate change mitigation funding, with due consideration of the opportunities and barriers at both national and global levels,

— on the basis of the lessons learned from the evaluation, to provide recommendations pertaining to future funding priorities.

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Ordregiver Danida Evaluation, Learning and Quality (ELK), Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Annonceret 09-03-2020 kl. 00.00
Sidst ændret 09-03-2020 kl. 09.00
Deadline 15-04-2020 Se klokkeslæt under udbudsdetaljer
Udbudstype EU-udbud
Udbudsdetaljer http://ted.europa.eu/udl?uri=TED:NOTICE:113949-2020:TEXT:EN:HTML
Leveringssted EXTRA-REGIO
Dokumenttype Udbudsbekendtgørelse